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About Us

At Akewe, our purpose is to facilitate real conversations and encourage people to come together. With us, you can pose questions and receive genuine responses from others. Whether you’re trying to solve a crossword puzzle, seeking practical advice, or just want to engage in a discussion, here you’ll find answers to whatever questions you may have. We also strive to make valuable knowledge more accessible; we wish it not remain closed off, held within someone’s mind or exclusive to small groups. It’s our mission to join those who possess the knowledge with those who need it, which naturally leads us toward greater understanding between different points of view. Our goal is for everyone to feel empowered when it comes to sharing their wisdom with the world.

Akewe, a brand of Akewe Media Ltd, founded in 2020 by Olaoye Samuel. Akewe is a great resource for finding out about new products, getting advice from experts, and even troubleshooting problems you may be having, and it has grown become one of the most popular websites on the internet, with millions of users visiting from all over the world.

Akewe About Us

Akewe About Us

Akewe’s purpose

In Akewe, we strive to share and grow knowledge around the world. The truth is that not all knowledge can be written down, but much of it can be. It remains in people’s heads or can only be accessed if you know the right people. By connecting people with knowledge to those who need it, bringing together different perspectives to understand each other better, and empowering everyone to share their knowledge, we hope to make the world a better place.

Identify a question and gather around it

Akewe is the place for questions: ones about the world, about recent events, about vital decisions, and about different viewpoints. Here, you can ask meaningful questions and receive answers from people who have experience in the matter. Scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, mechanics, and homemakers alike seek Akewe out to get reliable information and discuss without needless bickering.


Humanity has shared knowledge through stories since the first humans gathered around a fire and gazed into the stars. By transforming knowledge sharing from interrogative to narrative, Spaces expand knowledge sharing from interrogative to narrative. Creators can build audiences of millions for unique insights in Spaces, or audiences of thousands for niche knowledge that no one else offers.

Become familiar with the world and its people

Every week, millions of people search the web for answers and millions of people write answers on Akewe. Great writers help us understand why the world works the way it does. It is only on Akewe where you can read important insights that have never been shared anywhere else, from people you would never otherwise be able to reach.