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You can ask about anything - from sports and entertainment to technology, politics, health, finance, travel and more! Whether you have a burning question or just need advice on a certain topic, Akewe is the perfect place to find reliable answers. And if you don't find the answer you're looking for, make sure to post your own question and get helpful insights from our diverse community of experts.
While you can ask any question on Akewe, we encourage users to avoid asking questions that contain abusive or personal attacks, hateful language, threats, sexual content and other inappropriate material. Any questions that violate our terms of service will be removed from the site.
Questions are marked as "closed" or "on hold" when the asker has received enough answers to their question or when the Akewe community cannot provide a satisfactory answer. This means that no further answers will be accepted and the asker may have their question reopened if they provide more details.
Creating a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example gives you the best chance of getting a useful answer from other users. Start by making sure your question is clear and concise so that people can understand it easily. Provide enough information to give readers a complete picture of what you're trying to accomplish and include any code examples, screenshots or relevant links. Finally, make sure you provide a link or include code snippets that help other users reproduce the issue you are having. Following this advice will help you get more accurate answers faster!
We take all feedback seriously and we always want to make sure the Akewe community is respected. If you disagree with the closure of a question, simply flag it by clicking on the "flag" icon and explain how you feel. Our moderators will review your request, and if they agree, they will open up the question again for discussion.
Akewe has put in place policies to ensure that all questions posted meet a certain standard. Questions that do not follow these guidelines may be rejected or flagged for further review. We take pride in providing quality answers and strive to make sure the content is appropriate for everyone. If you think your question does not meet standards, please contact us so we can help you out.
We regularly review questions and answers to make sure they meet our standards. To avoid multiple people asking the same question, we mark duplicates with a label so that everyone can find the answer quicker. This helps us keep Akewe organized, relevant, and useful for everyone.
It's possible that you may have violated one of our community guidelines, or that you are attempting to ask too many questions in a short amount of time. We recommend taking a look at our Community Guidelines and reviewing your recent activity on the site to make sure there weren't any violations. If you don't find anything, please contact us directly so we can help you get back to asking and receiving great answers!
Asking questions is a great way to learn, but if you ask too many in a short amount of time, it can overwhelm users and will reduce the quality of answers. That's why we have put restrictions in place so that everyone gets the best possible experience on Akewe. By asking fewer questions in one day, you will get higher quality responses from other users.
It's important to ask a well-defined and clear question to get the best answers. Make sure to be specific about what you are looking for and provide all the necessary information you can in order to get a useful answer. Also, remember to use an appropriate language when asking your question - be polite, don't use inappropriate words, or write in all caps. Finally, be patient when waiting for an answer - give people time to think it over and answer your question thoughtfully.
Thanking someone for answering your question is always appreciated! You can also comment on their answer, to further discuss the topic. If you feel like their answer was helpful or insightful, you can mark it as a "best answer" so others will easily find it. At Akewe we make sure that everyone's opinion is valued and appreciated.