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valeriewright Valerie

is qwerty a word?

6 Answers

  1. Yes, and it is also a keyboard pattern used in the English language.

    Since the invention of the typewriter, letters have been typed in order to save time. The most popular pattern has been the QWERTY pattern where all fingers are placed on their weird letter buttons from left to right (but everyone we know switches thumbs #typistproblems).
    The keyboard pattern predates the typewriter and was developed for typesetting and is named for being given letter “qwerty” or a major component thereof to solve a problem during Sir Christopher Latham Sholes’s development of his first speller design. It proved to be so popular because it sped up work as one key presses multiple characters

  2. Set of letters on a device that calls letters and other symbols by pressing keys representing the corresponding alphabet.

  3. According to the Oxford Dictionary, “QWERTY” is only three letters and the word is not copyrighted to The QWERTY Corporation.

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