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About Us - Akewe

Welcome to Akewe, the flagship brand under Akewe Media Nigeria Limited and Africa's leading social networking platform. Established on April 30, 2023, our primary aim is to create meaningful connections, cultivate vibrant communities, and establish bridges of understanding across the expansive, dynamic, and diverse African continent.

Akewe is the brainchild of Olaoye Samuel Adetayo, a forward-thinking entrepreneur with an intrinsic passion for technology and community building. As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Akewe Media Nigeria Limited, Samuel leverages his extensive experience and unique perspective to ensure that Akewe consistently serves its users, providing an environment that facilitates enriching interactions and meaningful relationships.

Akewe stands proudly as a platform by Africans, for Africans. We are not merely a social network; we are a digital home for millions of users who convene every day to exchange experiences, engage in discourse, learn from each other, and build unity across borders. At Akewe, we firmly believe in the transformative power of communication to transcend barriers, and we are dedicated to offering our users a platform that authentically reflects the spirit, energy, and diversity of the African continent.

Our advanced technology and intuitive interface make it simple for everyone to join and become an active participant in our burgeoning community. Whether you're seeking to connect with old friends, discover new interests, or participate in enlightening discussions, Akewe is your go-to platform.

Akewe is more than a social media platform; it's a movement, a vibrant community, and a testament to the spirit of Africa. We invite you to join us and experience the unity in diversity that characterizes us.

Our Mission

Our mission at Akewe is to provide a forum for Africans to connect, share, and learn in an environment that is safe, respectful, and engaging. We acknowledge the power of social media to unite people, foster understanding, and enrich lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish Akewe, under the Akewe Media Nigeria Limited umbrella, as the premier social networking platform in Africa, widely acknowledged for our commitment to user satisfaction, community development, and respect for diversity.

For any inquiries, please contact us at help@akewe.com.

Founder's Note

"Africa is more than a continent; it is a home, a vibrant symphony of cultures, and a beacon of diversity. At Akewe, we endeavor to enhance this symphony and to create a platform that mirrors this great continent in all its glory. We welcome you to join us on this exhilarating journey." - Olaoye Samuel Adetayo, Founder & CEO of Akewe Media Nigeria Limited.